Amazon Usability Issues & Redesign

Product page – A few recommended areas for improvement would be:

  • for Amazon, providing a clear way back to the page you were last on ie. a sub-sub category page, or list of books that you have filtered out, would mean that shoppers aren’t restricted to just having one option to go back via the back button
  • also for Amazon, keeping visitors on a product page after adding the product to their basket could encourage interaction with the ‘frequently bought together’ product suggestions, as these specific suggestions are lost on the interim shopping basket page that is displayed

Cross/Up selling – Some key reasons why both retailers perform so highly in this area include:

  • integration of add-ons into the buying process
  • using sales volumes to use what other people have bought to cross-sell
  • integration of user reviews to add a layer of persuasion architecture into the product suggestions
  • using words/headings which accurately describe how the recommended products relate to the product you are currently considering

Shopping Basket – A couple of areas that The Book Depository do well in terms of encouraging visitors to proceed to checkout include:

  • making the total price to pay absolutely clear, with no hint of sudden delivery charges that might be applied during checkout
  • highly prominent payment options featuring the cards accepted and the recently added Paypal checkout option

Checkout Process –  A few of the areas which are either damaging the usability of Amazon’s checkout process or slowing down the process for first time visitors include:

  • not providing prominent security assurances throughout the process
  • not providing a prominent help service, especially just an ’email us’ facility which is currently hidden away in the footer
  • forcing new shoppers to register in order to place their order
  • not providing a postcode look-up facility to both speed up address input and to help provide them with cleaner customer data

Checkout Web Forum – Some key areas where Amazon’s web forms could be improved include:

  • making it clear to first time shoppers what character length and format their password needs to be in, before submitting the form
  • giving context to their submit buttons, rather than just using the word continue
  • explaining why certain information such as their mobile number is being requested, rather than the shopper becoming wary of the potential of getting unwanted marketing text messages
  • making it clear which fields require completion, rather than having the visitor make presumptions and then potentially see an un-expected error message


visual redesign

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